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Node-BLUE is configured in Homegear's main.conf. By default this file is located in /etc/homegear. The default settings should be fine for most installations. The following Node-BLUE-specific configuration options are available:

Option Description
enableNodeBlue Set to true to enable Node-BLUE.
nodeBluePath The path to Node-BLUE's static data. Shouldn't be changed when Homegear was installed using a package manager.
nodeBlueDataPath The path to Node-BLUE's dynamic data. This path can safely be changed.
nodeBlueDebugOutput Enabled debug information in the UI (node highlighting, output values, ...).
nodeBlueEventLimit1 The limit of node highlighted nodes per tab per 10 seconds.
nodeBlueEventLimit2 The limit for "last outputs" per tab per 10 seconds.
nodeBlueEventLimit3 The limit for all other events (including debug tab and node outputs) per tab per 10 seconds.